Help at the start. Valentina Samylkina.

As we know, it is necessary to act to change your life for the better. However, starting a new business is not easy, and sometimes the obstacles seem insurmountable. But FOHOW company helps each employee in business, and above all, a newcomer.

My story in FOHOW company is the one of personal growth and self-discovery. Firstly, I studied the marketing plan, then calculated its cost-effectiveness (I am a mathematician), after that, I made my decision to have a better life and join FOHOW.

The teacher were eager to help in the beginning of my way, that was very important for me, as well as contacts with positive people. Thanks to the mentors’ support I reached a high level of "Diamond" within three and a half years. I’ve learned the method of constructing a presentation, public speaking and many other effective business tools. The company and the team gave me the experience that I will gladly share with newcomers.

It is obvious that the structure itself does not increase at the initial stage. Therefore, the role of a sponsor is very important. My sponsor kept my optimism, enthusiasm, activity, figuratively speaking, tossing constantly wood in the fire, so as not to cool the beginner’s fighting zeal.

He not only showed me the ways to recommend products, but also taught a method of constructing the network. In addition, he taught me the ways of teaching others. If we summarize all that my mentor taught me, we’ll see the following system:

  1. Join the business.
  2. Make a list of friends.
  3. Learn to invite for a meeting with a mentor.
  4. Take products to get results.
  5. Participate in the activities of the company and learn to become a successful distributor.

I believe that a starting help distinguishes MLM-business from traditional business. In the latter person is often left alone to face problems and competition inevitably pushes out the weaker. It is believed that the business is only for strong people. Most people come to MLM with their problems, they are confused and lost. Here, in Fohow they become strong and self-reliant, living with joy and soul harmony, making good money.

But this power does not come by itself, it is formed at each person as a result of self-education.

I’ve opened limitless possibilities. Perhaps, the most important thing is your teaching mentor: your closest friend who is interested in your success, not less than yourself. Step by step I followed my mentor and grew my personality.

The team site ( and the company’s site ( ) both help me to learn something new every day. There I find out the news and the answers for my questions. The site saves my time and it is the most valuable thing a man can have. In addition, the site is an essential element of distance learning system, which is designed to help learn the basics of network marketing, saving time and effort.

My next goal is to reach the level of "3 carat diamond." The key to success is simple: self-belief and endless learning, provided by FOHOW company. I am never tired of repeating that MLM-business is more than a business, it's a lifestyle. Set a goal and achieve the planned together with the FOHOW company. Have a  better life today!

We are one big family of FOHOW. Together with the company we have achieved success, growing bigger over years! We want to share our knowledge, achievements and experiences, so that more people could get healthy, successful and rich!

The products of our company's are the recipes of traditional oriental medicine. With these medications Tibetan monks successfully treat people for over 5,000 years! FOHOW company will introduce you to the system of Oriental medicine, help to get rid of diseases. Finally, you can achieve wellness with a friendly team of GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW.

By the end of  year 2013 we have 4 "Brilliant," more than 20 "Diamonds," more than 30 "Sapphire" and over 200 "Emeralds." in the team of GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW. We have opened more than 25 offices in many cities and regions of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia.

None of us is a superman, but due to a combination of abilities and efforts of different people, we can solve many serious problems. Learn more about our success from our stories.

Join our team! Get lucky and  healthy!
Our motto: "In our unity - our success!"


In network marketing we distinguish two concepts: of "structure" and "team." These are not the same. "Structure" implies partners, closed at one informational sponsor. While the "team" is a group of people united by something.

The goal of our team is to contribute to the development of our partners, to expand the geography of the business. We want to be closer, despite the distances that divide us. Although the geographical expansion of the structure, as well as its growth is irreversible, we want to feel the support of each other, we want to feel our unity. And it's possible!

The team of GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW reduces the distance and increases the energy of each member of the team!

A good incitement for the team members is the challenge of being on each anniversary of the new company in a new rank. Meeting every year on the team celebration, we share new stories of success. Move forward, set new goals - that is what communication in the team for!

With the team we create a support system for the structure - just to be confident in the stability of our work. We learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities and to communicate with each other.

With the team we create a system of duplication, which is the basis of the network business. The team promotes the growth and development for each participant, as well as the emergence of new leaders.

With the team is much faster and easier to make an important decision, to introduce new methods and new tools, which generally accelerate our progress and growth.