The MLM-distributor who has tasted success and teaches newcomers the finer points of his skill - is wise and far-sighted.

Even for the most talented and successful student a specially designed version of learning system is the optimal choice.  It is much more effective than your personal attempts. So, if you become a sponsor it is important to learn at the School, which organizes your experience and knowledge. Get to GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW business school of Olga Kermas. After that,  educate your wards.

We’ve got a replicating business here which operates on one principle: you’ve learned how to work – teach your new partner. And then, teach him to teach others.

If you want to achieve success and expand your structure, if you want it to be active and to get a profit (yours, above all), you are interested to learn how to share your skills! And just in case of  effective training, you will really feel the impact of the promotion of your business in terms of money!

Sostart traininga new distributorordistributorsfrom the first dayin business! After all, the newcomer  risks most at the very beginning. And it is important to support him, to show him the right direction, to support his belief in success and motivation to act.

Otherwise, you may losea potentialactive partner.And remember: in business, it is very important not only to tell, but to show.

Therefore, make the first step together!

Step 1. Encourage a newcomer to try  the whole lineup.

Step 2. Help your ward to make a correct and detailed list of friends.

Step 3. Teach him how to get closer to people.

Step 4. Teach your ward to set proper goals.

Step 5. Thoroughly study individual and mass motivation.

Step 6. Thoroughly study the foundations of the company’s marketing plan.

Step 7. Together compose a " Dream Album"

Step 8. Teach your partner how to work with his buddy list on the phone.

Step 9. Attend the first meetings with the newcomer.

Step 10. Help beginners to promote products.

Step 11. Explain the importance of making and visiting corporate events.

Step 12. Suggest reading new books.

Step 13.  Teach how to use recruiting devices.

Step 14. Always answer all the questions on business the beginner asks.

Step 15. Explain everything in figures and examples.

Step 16. Teach the technology of objections.

Step 17. Be yourself an example to show all recruiting activities.

Step 18. Teach the Ethics of MLM business.

Step 19. Teach your beginner positive thinking and self-belief.

Step 20. Often tell your newcomer some detailed success stories.

Step 21. Make good friends with your ward.

Step 22. Teach how to teach. To know this, take GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW business school of Olga Kermas again to learn step by step system, this time as a teacher.

So to summarize:

After signing the agreement a sponsor independently works with newcomers of his structure: shares his experience, helps to make lists of friends and plans, to formulate goals, motivates to act, gives moral support, accompaning them to meetings and events, etc. Thus, freshman is taught the business the easiest way of  "repeat after me." This is the period of relationship between the sponsor and the new partner that affects the further development of their business.

After a while, when a novice becomes stronger and gaines some experience in the business, it is time to teach him the skills. If the sponsor is able to train his consultant on his own, he surely  does it. If the sponsor does not have fully professional skills, or have, but do not know how to pass on his experience - he recommends training at the School.

Teach your beginners systematically and methodically. Pay attention to them and be patient - and then you expand your structure with really talented and promising networkers, who’ll be able to  expand their business,  increasing your profits!

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