Product properties

- Three-dimensional magnetic field stimulates microcirculation throughout the body.
- Patented material (quilted velours) has antibacterial and anti-acarinal properties.
- Longwave and infrared radiation and anions action.
- Fibers with a three-dimensional (3D) structure allow the mattress take the form of the human body gently and gradually.
- Ramie (Boehmeria nivea) fibers are excellent and  natural heat conductor .
- Fireproof cotton, corresponding to European standards, makes sleeping on a mattress more comfortable and safe .
- The structure of the mattress consists of 15 levels, allowing to heal the body in a more complete way.


The main components of this product are soft magnets (neodymium-iron-boron), functional fiber with IR radiation and ionization function, 3D-fiber and Ramie fiber. All materials contained in the product were strictly tested and inspected. They meet the standards of textile industry. They also have a recreational function.

Product features:

  1. 3D magnetic field action of 1700 Gauss can effectively improve microcirculation in all organs and parts of the body, it can also improve blood rheology, relieve fatigue, pain and aching in muscles.
  2. When functional layer contacts a human body a piezoelectric and piezothermic reactions occur, that is, longwave infrared radiation with a wavelength of 4-14 microns and negatively charged ions are formed. The emissivity of the IR beams exceeds 86%, whereby there is an acceleration of microcirculation in the integument of a human body, accelerating metabolism. The resulting anions make the air cleaner and have an effect on the body alkalization.
  3. The fiber of high-tech 3D- fabrics has an X-shaped hollow structure, which is the ideal natural structure, which counts 40 supporting fibers per square centimeter. The surface of the upper and lower sides of the mattress has a porous structure that enables the layer to create air circulation. Due to this the mattress is well ventilated, removes moisture, and tightly adjoins to the back. On a mattress of size 1,5 × 2 m there are 1 280 000 000 000 supporting fibers allowing the body weight distribute evenly over the entire surface of the mattress. It also makes an effect of massage during sleep.
  4. Quilted velours is a unique patented fabric (4 seasons of Jang-sheng). It is treated with silver ions, thereby has an antibacterial and anti-acarinal impact. Fireproof cotton in the mattress meets European standards, has an original appearance, safe and easy to use.
  5. The mattress folds, which makes it very convenient to carry.
  6. When using 3D-mattress Fohow the blood flow to the cells of the internal organs increases. If usen regularly, improves the immune system and strengthens the body.
  7. For more information on this product please contact the branch or representative office in your city.
    The product is recommended for people with minor deviations in health (premorbid state), as well as for healthy people.

Standard: 150 x 200 cm
Storage: Store in a dry place at normal temperature.

Note: This product is not a medical device and has no therapeutic effect.
Please, keep away watches, magnetic media, mobile phones, credit cards and other easily magnetizing items to avoid damage or malfunction.