Product properties

The surface material is tencel.

It consists of silk, combined with a fiber, having a function of far-infrared radiation and containing ionized particles.
The surface of the blanket has the unique pattern.

The surface material:
Tencel - 60%.
Long staple cotton - 40%.

The composition of this product contains natural silk combined with fiber having a function of long-wave infrared radiation. Tencel and silk are the main raw material of the product. Both have passed stringent tests and inspections, and meet all textile industry standards. The blanket has a recreational function.

Product features

  1. Tencel is a new fiber made from natural raw materials, which is made by a special nanotechnology complex from high-quality cellulose obtained from young shoots of eucalyptus tree. Tencel is used to make linen. It is a hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, bacteriostatic material. Tencel is absolutely safe for the human body, has high strength and elasticity, does not lose its properties even if washed often.
  2. Silk is made ​​of "liquid silk", released by silkworms for cocoon weaving , which then hardens and turns into a long continuous thread. It is one of the first animal fibers used by man. Natural silk is light, soft, fine natural tissue, known to the world as “the second skin", and in the professional sphere, as "Imperial fiber". Silk is a natural protein fiber. Its superfine fiber structure is 87% similar to that of human skin. It contains amino acids, essential for human body and  has unique properties to absorb moisture and regulate temperature, depending on the season and the outer temperature. Silk is a unique material used to  produce exclusive things of the highest quality. Silk is considered high quality and valuable natural resource. Silk, used in the blankets, is soft and cuddly, with high breathability. It retains heat well, causes no irritation, antistatic and very comfortable to use.
  3. When functional layer contacts with human body, a piezothermal  and piezoelectric reaction occurs, forming longwave infrared radiation with a wavelength of 4-14 microns and negatively charged ions. The emissivity of the IR beams exceeds 86%, whereby there is an acceleration of blood microcirculation in integument of human body. Metabolism is also accelerated. The resulting anions make the air cleaner and have an effect on the body alkalization.

The product is recommended for people with minor deviations health (premorbid state), as well as for healthy people.

Standard: 150 x 215 cm

Hand or machine wash recommended.
Do not use alkaline soap, granulated washing powder, etc.
Wash in standard mode at a maximum temperature 30 ° C.
Do not bleach.
Do not evert when drying.
No steaming and ironing.

Drying: hang in a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
Storage: in a clean room with a breathable cover with a mosquito repellent inside.