Functional blindfellen Fohow is made ​​using tourmaline particles embedded in the fiber of the blindfellen tissue. Blindfellen improves microcirculation in the eye area, provides massage effect, it has a prophylactic effect for darkening and bags under the eyes. The product also increases blood flow, stimulates acupressure points, relieves stress and fatigue , has a therapeutic effect on dry or twinkling eyes, lacrimation, with the appearance of senile ripples in the eyes, farsightedness and shortsightedness. Reinforcing bloodstream, the blindfellen helps to normalize blood volume to feed the cells and tissues of the brain. It improves sleep quality , allowing you to enjoy vivid and memorable dreams.

It is recommended for people who spend a long time in the mission, people with weak eyesight, with nearsightedness and farsightedness, ripples and twinkling eyes, people who spend a long time at the computer or TV, for truck and coach drivers, for  darkening  and bags under the eyes etc.


Surface layer: jacquard fabric with 100 % natural cotton.
Lining: 100% functional material, 100% functional coating mixtures.
Layer adjacent to the eye: color silk satin .
Additional part: double-layered fixing elastic.

Bleeding and a tendency to it, hyperthyroidism, active tuberculosis, bleeding in the brain.

Care instructions:

After use, rinse in clean water using a shower gel. For hand-washing water temperature should not exceed 40 º C. For machine washing always use special bags for washing. Do not squeeze the product after washing to avoid deformation of the functional material. To dry,  place it in a well ventilated place, with no direct sunlight.

Do not use electric heaters for drying.
Do not use bleach and other chemicals.
Do not iron.
Size: 22 x 11 cm

Supervised by corporations Fohow Ni-Tech (Hong Kong) LTD. Company Fahou on textile production, Zhongshan.
Manufacturer's Address: Office 27, 2nd floor, Zhuandyan Yuan building № 1, Dong Chu, Hanwa str, 3, Zhongshan.