Comments on application "Haytsao Gai" capsules

Soft Capsules "Haytsao Gai" from green seaweed lyutsao are very similar in composition with spirulina and, also, have a similar effect. A significant amount of vitamins and minerals including calcium in those seaweed should be noted.

With age the recovery of bone tissue in the human body is slowed down, resulting in an metabolic disease called osteoporosis, which is manifested in the reduction of bone mass . The cause of the disease is the deterioration of the absorption of calcium, which may be inherited or caused by a lack of female hormones during menopause. Osteoporosis can develop due to unfavorable environmental conditions, and the deterioration of food due to lack of calcium in the human body. Osteoporosis goes unnoticed very often and is found only in fractures from even a light load or a weak strike. Osteoporosis often referred to as the "invisible epidemic", sometimes even putting it in the fourth place among the causes of death ( after heart disease, cancer and diabetes) . An important role in the development of osteoporosis, plays the factor of age. According to medical statistics, osteoporosis was recorded in 30-50 % of people at their fifties (mostly women), and after 75 years  half of men and women suffer from it. Unfortunately, osteoporosis is becoming a problem among young people.


  • prevention of the aging process;
  • vitamin and mineral deficiency;
  • parathyroid insufficiency;
  • Increased permeability of blood vessels, bleeding;
  • allergic diseases, diathesis;
  • skin problems (itching, eczema, psoriasis);
  • prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, rickets, arthritis;
  • prevention of dental caries;
  • nail fragility;
  • prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • cramps and restless legs syndrome;
  • menopausal and post-menopausal period
  • other evidence.


Seaweed calcium, vegetable oil, gelatin.

It should be noted that the formula contains vitamin D, derived from vegetable oils that contribute to a better absorption of calcium in the intestine and its absorption in bones.

Standard packaging: 100 capsules of 800 mg.

Method of application: up to 2 capsules 2 times a day, take orally with warm water.

Storage: keep the container tightly closed in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Production: Zhuhai, Yupintan Company, Ltd. in health food production.

Production location: 245 Lunsya st., Doumen, Zhuhai City, Guangdong,  China.

Comments on application "Haytsao Gai" capsules:

Zaraiskaya Zoe, age: 63, Krasnoyarsk

Problem / disease: For many years I had been suffering from osteoporosis. I had tried all kinds of calcium that were in pharmacies and in various network companies, but there was no improvement, I just maintained calcium level.

Products: Took 2 packages of "Haytsao Gai."

Result: the diagnosis of osteoporosis was removed! Thanks to the company!

Blotskii Vasily , age: 53, Khabarovsk

The problem / illness : I had a serious work accident : fell from a scaffold and injured my spine. Additionally doctors diagnosed "gangrene" and the chances of life were a few .

Product: But I survived and now I work and  easily endure exercise only due to the powerful elixir "Phoenix", Linchzhi capsules, Xueqingfu, "Liuwei" tea, a thermal waist protector and calcium "Haytsao Gai".

The result : a fully restored structure of the blood and the calcium in the body. But the overall life happiness felt only after I had returned male power, even tougher than when I was young (!), and the bald spot on my head covered with hair. What else a man need? Hearty thanks to the "Fohow" company for its noble mission!

Ahmetganieva Sveta, age: 26

Problem / disease: I had been pestered by a constant crunching in my knees.

Products: Took a course of Fohow Company medications, including Haytsao Gai capsules.

Result: It’s amazing, but didn’t notice when it all had gone! My nails became stronger from calcium, now I can grow them longer. My hair and eyelashes also became better. I also stopped catching cold in autumn and spring. If a running nose or a sore throat begins, I just take a bottle or two of elixir and wake up perfectly healthy next morning!

Anastasia , age: 26, Krasnoyarsk

The problem / illness: I work as a saleswoman , 12-hour shifts, all the time on my feet. In the sixth month of pregnancy a polyhydramnios was discovered. I felt a lack of energy, pain in my legs , heaviness of the whole body.

Products: elixir "Phoenix" and calcium “Haytsao Gai", starting from the 7th month of pregnancy I has been drinking  only “Liuwei” tea and "Linchzhi " capsules.

Result: At the very first dose of elixir "Phoenix" I worked my shift very easily, I felt an extraordinary burst of energy. My pregnancy was excellent , delivery was easy, I gave birth to a healthy and strong child.

Voichenko Lubov, age: 62, Artem

The problem / disease: varicose veins.

Products: Xueqingfu capsules , Linchzhi, calcium "Haytsao Gai", elixir "Phoenix."

Result: Varicose veins, which I had been suffering from the age of, 32 finally disappeared! Superficial capillaries has gone, the leg veins are still slightly visible, but the nodes have gone, there is no swelling. Blood pressure has normalized. Some of very disturbing lipomas have resolved,  I feel great!

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