A lot of partners of the company have been successfully using EGF cosmetics Fohow for several years. Regenerating serum for the face “Fresh Lily” (CGF) Fohow is made on the same ​​base, but has several advantages:

  • an improved CGF cosmetics formula, three times more effective than EGF cosmetics;
  • a new compact packaging for CGF cosmetics was created;
  • CGF serum is easier to use, there is no need to mix the two components;
  • The price of new cosmetics is 30% lower than EGF.

Regenerating Serum CGF contains Cordyceps extract. The product is  completely natural. Convenient package size allows you to keep it handy and reach stunning results within two weeks: i.e., to stop skin aging and eliminate wrinkles. It it so easy to use CGF cosmetics Fohow: simply dissolve one lozenge in water!

Cosmetic serum “Fresh Lily” CGF contains some other useful components, such as coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E, which have nourishing and moisturizing effect on skin, help to eliminate wrinkles and remove dark spots.

What is special about CGF cosmetics Fohow?

- Absolutely natural ingredients.
FOHOW Corporation produces completely natural quality cosmetics that do not contain preservatives, chemicals and hormones, it is safe for the human body.

  • Unique technology.

The unique technology of components drying, along with multilayer foil packaging production technology allows you to fully preserve the active ingredients of the product, making it suitable for long term use.

  • New components.

For the first time in the history of cosmetics Cordyceps growth factor was used. Chinese Cordyceps grows in China highlands, that is why its ability to survive is unique. It was experimentally proved that Cordyceps mycelium cells (similar to embryonic cells of animals) have a heavy duty biological activity and Cordyceps growth factor significantly contributes to the epidermal cells.

  • Efficiency.

Cordyceps serum prevents aging, reduces the number and size of wrinkles, making skin smooth and elastic.

Myths about CGF cosmetics

1. CGF cosmetics is one of usual products of skin care.
CGF  is a unique product which has made a revolution in the world of cosmetics, this is a unique formula, advanced technology production, and a bright, obvious effect. The constant release of CGF production helps to maintain youth and beauty.

2. CGF Cosmetics is designed just for women.
Men, like women, want to look attractive and handsome. CGF is a product for both men and women.

3. CGF – is just a skin-care product. Normally, it’s enough to have good health, a face – old or young -  is less important.
Health should be seen from the outside! A healthy body fills us with self-confidence, makes us more charming and attractive, which plays a crucial role in our business. Healthy, young and smooth skin is the foundation of success, the hallmark of communication, therefore, it requires thorough and long-term care!


CGF (cordyceps growth factor), vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, pullulan, mannitol.

Mode of application

Clean your skin before using.

Step 1. Wash and dry your hands, then tear up the package, using a semicircular incision on the side.
Step 2. Gently push the convex part of the package to extract lozenge.
Step 3. Place the lozenge in the center of the palm and dissolve to liquid consistency in a small amount of purified water or essential oils.
Step 4. Put the resulting liquid on the skin evenly, massaging the face until the liquid is completely absorbed.


- Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of clean water.
- In case of discomfort, temporarily suspend the use of the product and consult a dermatologist.

What you should know about using CGF cosmetics:

  • Use in the evening, before going to bed (or, possibly, in the morning after washing), apply to the skin and do not rinse for 8 hours.

- The first three months of use apply 1-2 lozenges per day to achieve effect. After 3 months, apply 1-2 lozenges every two days to preserve and maintain the result.
- Take a picture before the start of the application and after 3 months -  to see the result. Allow your family, friends and partners to become the proud owners of unique CGF cosmetics!

Standard packing: 1 plate of product contains ten  20 mg-lozenges, 3 plates in a box.
Storage: Store in a dry, dark place at room temperature.
Shelf life: 2 years, industry standard: Q / DX RMS013.

Production: "Company of the development and implementation of scientific biotechnology FOHOW».
Manufacturer's Address: Room 245, Lunsya str., Jinan, Zhuhai, Doumen District, PRC.