Functional napkins activate local microcirculation while eliminating pain caused by improper blood circulation. Apply the napkin directly to the area where you feel pain symptom.

The impact of negatively charged ions in the napkin neutralizes harmful bacteria, promotes early recovery functions of the surface cared.

Negatively charged ions create a special protective shell, promoting the relief of stress and fatigue. Napkins perfectly compensate the lack of movement in sedentary work. It is only necessary to place functional napkins on the surface of a chair or a desk.

But that's not all of it! In direct contact with the skin, the napkin cleans clogged pores and, together with sweating, removes toxins, heavy metals, toxic substances and cosmetics residues from skin.


Face layer: jacquard with 100% natural cotton.
Inner layer: 100% functional material Fohow.
Bottom layer: printed cloth with 100% natural cotton.

Bleeding and a tendency to it, hyperthyroidism, active tuberculosis, bleeding in the brain.

Indications for use:
For elderly and middle-aged people,  having more physical and mental stress, people complaining about chronic back pain, people who are in premorbid condition.

Care instructions
After use, rinse the scarf in pure water with shower gel. For machine washing, use special bags.

Wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C, easy rinsing.
To dry, use  natural ventilation only.
Do not use electric heaters for drying.
Do not use bleach and other chemicals.
Do not iron.

Size: 30 x 30 cm