Comments on the application of Tampons Princess’ Pearl

The idea of ​​creating this thing appeared in ancient times, so runs the evidence of the legend of a beauty Yang.

In 745 Yang came to the palace of Tang Xuanzong, the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty. Because she had an amazingly soft skin and adorable beautiful body, Yang charmed the emperor immediately and became his concubine. Soon her three older beautiful sisters became the emperor 's concubines as well. There are some historical evidence, according to which the Emperor built the mud baths in Li Shan mountains so that sisters, and, especially Yang, could bathe in it. When they came out of the water , according to eyewitnesses , their beauty was comparable to the beauty of the lotus flower. They learned the secret imperial recipe, and their skin, has always been perfect, like snow. Unfortunately, over time the recipe of the Emperor Palace was nearly lost.

The team of Fohow specialists conducted extensive research of this secret recipe, using with modern scientific extracting methods and high-scientific biotechnology. Ultimately, the scientists have developed a unique mean that can make all women and their husbands utterly happy - "Guifu Bao" (Princess’ Pearl) tampons.

Tampons "Guifu Bao" is a new product with apparent effect. The capsules act consistently with the basic mechanisms of Chinese traditional medicine: they purify blood (normalize the function of spleen), reduced (regenerate) cells and eliminate putrefaction.

Princess’ Pearl Tampons are used for specific smell from vagina, leucorrhoea with bloody discharge, age and trichomonas vaginitis, fungal coleitis, inflammation of the pelvic cavity, adnexitis, prurituse vulva, cervical erosion, menstrual disorders and painful menstruation, postpartum haemorrhage, lohiorrea and pigment spots and acne.

Five advantages of the product:

Self-diagnosis: use 1 tampon Princess’ Pearl Fohow to determine the presence of gynecological diseases.

Self-cleaning: use 1 tampon Pearl Princess Fohow helps to clean the uterus form toxins and impurities.

Self-therapy: tampons "Guifu Bao" work like a supporting therapy for uterine fibroids, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst and various inflammatory diseases of the female womb.

Self-rejuvenation: tampons "Guifu Bao" rapidly improve yellowing, darkening and dim skin, age spots, dry skin, wrinkles and other symptoms.

Prevention: usу  tampons at least once a month to make an effective prevention of gynecological diseases. The product also contributes to a narrowing of the vagina, improving vaginal tone.

Seven medical functions of the product:

Cleaning: effective prevention and quick supportive therapy for vaginitis, cervical erosion, prolapse, leycorreal specific smell, pelvic inflammation, inflammation of the appendages, uterine fibroids, and treatment of gynecological diseases caused by fungal infections.

Cleaning the uterus from toxins: a unique method of detoxification, when  capsules, just like a tiny vacuum-cleaner, quickly eliminate periodic accumulation of dead tissue pieces in the female genital organs, remnants of menstrual blood and the resulting toxins, other residues in a womb, Capsules also eliminate specific bad smell and take away the source of fungal infections, stimulate metabolism, stimulate the production of stem cells, stimulate the secretion of female hormones, restore normal physiological function of reproductive organs.

Recovery: at the same time with the removal of erosion and purulent matter, the product restores cells, stimulates glandular secretion, restores, smoothes, moisturizes and smoothes uneven in tissues of the cervix and vagina. It restores elasticity and vaginal sensitivity, helps in the postpartum uterine contraction, restores damaged birth canal,  maintains and restores the healthy microflora of internal organs.

Anti-aging: the product stimulates secretion, increases sensitivity, improves sexual desire, improves the quality of sexual life. It helps to delay the menopausal process, relieves vaginal dryness, lack of sex appeal, eliminates the feeling of irritability and other symptoms.

Cosmetic effect: the product improves and restores the normal physiological function of female genital mutilation, promotes blood circulation and activates immune cells, removes and discolor spots, thoroughly whitens skin, makes it bright and rosy, reduces wrinkles, and therefore gives an inexhaustible charm to a woman.

Wellness: swabbed capsules “Princess’ Pearl Fohow” are used as a supporting therapy for diseases, as well as disease prevention. Using 1-2 capsules after menstruation help to normalize the metabolism, to get rid of gynecological diseases, and to provide healthy vitality.

Infertility: capsules have a regulatory and clearing effect  on infertility caused by obstruction of the fallopian tubes and the violation of acid-alkaline balance of the internal environment of vagina.


Dragon tree seed extract, rhubarb root, Pseudolarix amabilis, acacia catechu, safflower, burnt alum, Sophora yellowish, borneol, Japanese gircha, borax and other rare plant components of TCM.

  1. Mode of application:
        1) For external use only! Any internal use is prohibited.
        2) Not recommended for pregnant women. Do not use during menstruation or lactation.
        3) Allergic patients should use the product with caution.
        4) The product is not a medication.

Standard packaging: 6 capsules / box, 1 gr. / Capsule.
Storage: Keep container tightly closed in a dry, dark and cool place.
Shelf life: 2 years. Manufacturing standard: GB15980.

Production: «Fohow Health Products Co Ltd», China.
Manufacturer's Address: 22 street Quanfa Wulling Development District Tianjin, P. R. C.

Zolochevsky I. , age: 42
Problem / disease: my 12-year-old daughter got a purulent vulvovaginitis. For two months we have been treated in the pediatric gynecologist, then  she was put into a hospital. The treatment gave her a temporary relief, after drug withdrawal the sickness returned. Pus were so abundant that she had to use sanitary pads. In addition to pain and bad smell my baby suffered from visiting the gynecologist, every doctor's appointments caused stress, for it is not the most  pleasant occupation for 12-year-old to sit in a gynecological chair.
Products: so we had been suffered, until  we got an appointment to Ishchenko N.A. He recommended us to stick a moisturised tampon "Princess’ Pearl" two fingers below the navel and change tampons every three days..
Result: after using of only two tampons the disease irretrievably gone. We could hardly believe it! Doctors who had treated my daughter with conventional means, shrugged and said it was a miracle!

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