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Extract of rose flowers in the fruit paste "Rose Fohow " cleanses the liver and has a cosmetic effect. This product regulates the balance of intestinal flora and eliminates dysbiosis. It has a positive effect on intestinal permeability and improves complexion. It is effective for allergies and aging muscles. It is also recommended to improve breath odor, to eliminate body odors, to keep your intenstines young.

Fruit paste Rose Fohow, a little nurse for your intenstinal tract

The human gastrointestinal tract is a haven for numerous bacteria. Conventionally, they can be divided into helpful, harmful or neutral. If there are more useful  bacteria in a body, a person looks healthy. The most beneficial are bifidobacteria, which activate the absorption of nutrients in the intestines, improve immunity, treat constipation and diarrhea. They are responsible for lowering blood fat, inhibit the growth of pathogens and spoilage bacteria of the intestine, etc. A few hours after a baby was born bifidobacteria begin to appear in his gut. At the end of 1-2 weeks bifidobacteria become the absolute leader in the gut. And this is one of the main causes of a strong immune system of infants! With age, the number of bifidobacteria in the body decreases. The holy place is never empty, so various pathogenic bacteria rush to the intestine.

How to enhance the effect of bifidobacteria in adults and stimulate their division and growth? The first thing that comes to mind - living microflora should be taken with food. However, studies have shown that the direct taking of living microflora does not allow it to create a colony on the walls of the human gastrointestinal tract. If we should stop taking BB, living microflora immediately comes out of advantage. This is why scientists have developed a special food for bifidobacteria - bifidofactor. This food is not digested by the human body, so, taken orally, it falls directly in the digestive tract and stimulates the growth and activity of bifidobacteria. This improves the immune system, reduces the possibility of diseases. Many scientists awarded bifidofactor with the honorary title of " The fifth generation of health products ."

Health effect

Active use of fruit paste "Rose Fohow" is quite good for dysbiosis. The paste increases the amount of useful intestinal flora , stabilizes and enhances gastrointestinal function in the body , regulates the secretion of  gastric juices, stimulates digestion and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, also helps for diarrhea . Fruit paste also improves immune system, slows aging, has a cosmetic effect. It is struggles with allergies and has positive effects on aging muscle. In accordance with the principle of "external influences on internal", the paste can  dissolve pigment spots, increase metabolism and decomposition of melanin, which allows a person to have a healthy elastic skin . It is used for detoxification as a cleaner, used for constipation, for weight loss, eliminates bad breath and the smell of sweat.

Indications for use

Fruit paste "Rose Fohow" is suitable for all groups of people, with no restrictions. It can be taken  as a sugar substitute, regular use is possible. It is affordable and indispensable food product of healthcare branch for the elderly and children.


The product includes rose flower extract, oligosaccharides, oligoxylose, stachyose, etc. Contains no sugar. The taste is pleasant, the effect is quite obvious. Used for health purposes.

Rose flower extract

The way of taking:
Fruit paste "Rosa Fohow" is suitable for all groups of people, with no restrictions. Take one teaspoon or one tablespoon half an hour before a meal. You can merely eat or spread on bread,  stir in tea. Course: at least 7-14 days. Can be taken for a long time.

Standard Packaging: Tube of 120 g
Storage: store in a cool dark place.
Shelf life: 18 months
Production: Zhuhai,Yupintan Company, Ltd. in health food production.
Production location: 245 Lunsya st., Doumen,  Zhuhai City, Guangdong,  China.

A. Budnik, age: 43
The problem / illness: my grandson is 2 years and 2 months old. He has a disability for congenital "atopic dermatitis", resistant form, is not amenable to conventional treatment. We had used quite a lot of medications, but nothing helped.
Product: in July, 2011, I got acquainted with Fohow company, began using homeopathy in along with the company's products: "Linchzhi" capsules (1 per day), elixir "Sanqing" and the elixir “Phoenix” (to 2 ml per day), as well as pasta "Rose". Within two weeks, there was a strong aggravation, abundant rash all over the body, itching, the temperature rose to 38.4, and diarrhea.
Result: By the third week an improvement had come. The skin turned white, the rash gone, and after 4 weeks, we got the result. Skin has got clear! The child enjoys a good sleep and mood.
Davydenko V., age:17
The problem / illness: I had problems with my kidneys, I was registered in the hospital with a diagnosis of "chronic pyelonephritis."
Products: For 8 months I had been taking  Elixir “Phoenix," “Liuwei” tea, “Linchzhi” capsules, and paste "Rose Fohow."
The result is stunning! Currently, I have removed from the register! I am grateful to the company Fohow, which produces such wonderful products!...

A lady, age: 54
The problem / illness : I have been suffering from periodontal disease for over 8 years. I used to see my dentist every three months, to treat periodontal pockets by a special technique. The doctor was in the U.S., and the first procedure cost me $ 200 , the next  - $ 100 .
Products: beginning to  take elixir "Three Treasures Fohow" and smeared my gums with paste "Rose Fohow"
The result : on the 8th day a fistula opened in the upper jaw and a blackened piece of bone came out. After this, my condition has improved significantly. An exausting pain stopped, my complexion got better, as well as the mood , activity increased, life got new colors!

Yarmosh L., age: 56
The problem / illness: health problems began when I was a kid, after measles vaccination at the age of 6. By the time I got acquainted with the production of Fohow corporation, I could “proudly” show my medical card  with such diagnoses as: multiple spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia of bones and joints ; bilateral coxarthrosis stage IV , mixed contracture of both hip joints, flexion contracture of the elbow and knee joints , s- shaped scoliosis of the spine stage IV, shortening the left lower limb at 8 cm, common osteochondrosis, reformative spondylosis of cervical and thoracic spine, pain syndrome; mature senile cataract of the right eye, retinal angiopathy in both eyes; Vegetative-vascular dystonia hypertension type with frequent crises. All the time I was looking for information about new developments in the treatment of joints and degenerative disc disease. A good friend of mine told me about Fohow products. At that moment I moved around my flat, using sticks. After a slightest effort bloodpressure rose to 180 /100. Keenly aware that such a life was no longer possible,  I decided to try the products.
Products: On May 8, 2011 I began to take fruit paste "Rose Fohow." Two months ago, I purchased energy correction corset. Also, Fohow toothpaste.
Results: No changes  in digestive tract were noted, but I became calmer, less irritable, there was warmth in  my toes appeared, joint pain decreased.  I perfectly understand that it takes time to achieve the goal . I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised that in just 3 days after the start of using the belt my thoracic spine was “deblocked". Now I can move around the apartment without a stick . Blood pressure normalized: 108/79 , 114 /80, the body-cleaning started. A desire came to move, to do something useful.
I traditionally use Fohow toothpaste, that is for brushing my teeth but I have a sort of "know- how". I massage my face with the foam after brushing and then wash it off with water. The skin is so grateful for this procedure, that  my friends started asking if I did "botox".

Poladko Larissa, age: 43, Krasnoyarsk
The problem / disease: I have had problems with the intestines since I was 20.
Products: Paste "Rose Oligosa",  "Linchzhi" capsules.
Result: After using the paste,  I lost 6 kg of my weight and my intenstines function restored. Due to "Linchzhi" capsules my mood swings have gone, now I look and feel better than 3 years ago. Thanks to "Fohow" company!
The problem / disease: the risk of dysbiosis with my daughter, Arina (age: 2.5 months)
Production: She’s bee taking takes fruit paste "Rose" from the first days of her life
Result: dysbiosis did not come up.

Sinyushkina Olga, age:33, Kyakhta
The problem / illness:  my 3 month old baby was pestered constantly by diseases and ailments, dysbiosis, she had a smell from the mouth, drugs didn’t help.
Products: We used a wonderful paste "Rose Oligose", “Liuwei” tea, Elixir "Phoenix."
Result: We’ve got great results. Many thanks for your products!

A student, age: 22
The problem / disease: intestine problems.
Products: Was advised to drink tea with a delicious paste "Rose".
Result: My body functions normalized. "Fohow" is really cool, even for those who don’t seem to be sick!

Dolgova  I., age: 78
The problem / illness: A stressful situation happened with me, and my heart remembered me about it. There were also some cases of angina. In the spring of 2011 I went to the hospital and took a full course of treatment. Discharged barely alive, and felt even worse. Spent too much, and heart attacks occurred more and more often. Stayed in, mostly in bed.
Product: in June, 2011 I foun out about Fohow corporation products and on the recommendation of doctors started taking "Elixir Phoenix", Xueqingfu capsules, tea Liuwei and “Rose Oligose” paste.
Result: I felt much better and  slowly began to leave the house and even work in the garden. The heart is at ease, no need to see the doctor. I’m in a good mood again, enjoying my life.

Barzenina G. ,  age: 34
The problem / disease: For 20 years I had been suffering from chronic bronchitis with constant off-season exacerbations. In addition, migraine caused a lot of suffering, I had low blood pressure (90/50) , sciatica , chronic insomnia, nervous tic, I got overweight .
Products: “Liuwei” tea, paste "Rose ", "Linchzhi " capsules, Gaosen nutritional tablets,  “Haytsao Gai” calcium liquid and  a thermal waist- and neck- protector .
The result: I completely got rid of bronchitis and migraines. I sleep normally and have a normal blood pressure (115 /75) , a nervous tic and back pain has gone, I’ve lost 13 pounds! Now I’m in a wonderful mood!

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