Energetically correcting underwear with anti-radiation effect is a new product of Fohow company. The cloth of the shapewear has a powerful anti-radiation effect, effectively disinfects and removes unpleasant smell.  It has an antistatic function and protects from electromagnetic radiation and X-rays.

Shapewear disperses infrared radiation, which "burns" fat excess, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation of skin.

Super-corset is the three steps to create a great figure:

  1. Stretch.
  2. Lift.
  3. Fix.

Double straps reduce the pressure on the shoulder area, enhance the effects of a breast lift.

2-4 rows of clasps firmly support fat. You can adjust the clasp as you like.

Special alloy insert remembers individual’s back bends, aligns posture, making it beautiful and attractive.

The inside of the corset is a massage area, made using new technologies. It effectively relieves pressure in the spinal region, relaxes the muscles of the back.

Super-corset system is suitable for women of any age with of any breast size. The corset perfectly supports the breast, giving it a beautiful shape, while improving your posture.