Comments on the application of super-corset.

The innovative design based on the principles of mechanics of the human body, allow to raise buttocks and give them a natural rounded shape.

Four rows of clasps  allow you to pick exactly the size that suits you best, evenly distributing the folds of fat in the waist area. High quality thermal material imported from USA, simulates the subcutaneous fat in the waist and abdomen.

The design with high waistline (4 cm) ideally tightens the stomach and lower back, narrowing them, thereby making a flat abdomen and creates a beautiful waist curve!

Modelling "buttocks cups" with a supporting Push Up effect lift the buttocks, improve metabolic processes in cells, contributing to fat splitting.


High quality smooth jacquard fabric with "breathing effect" contains  ice-silk Lycra, imported from the United States. It’s contact with skin gives a feeling of coolness.

The fabric contains materials that disperse long-wave infrared radiation, which "burns" the excess fat, toxins, fats, stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation.
Energy minerals are sewn into the fabric. They stimulate acupressure points, improve metabolism in female urogenital system, improve the uterus and ovaries, regulate internal secretion of the body, have an extremely beneficial effect on woman’s health.

Yarmosh L., age: 56
The problem / illness : health problems began when I was a kid, after measles vaccination at the age of 6. By the time I got acquainted with the production of Fohow corporation, I could “proudly” show my medical card  with such diagnoses as: multiple spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia of bones and joints ; bilateral coxarthrosis stage IV , mixed contracture of both hip joints, flexion contracture of the elbow and knee joints , s- shaped scoliosis of the spine stage IV, shortening the left lower limb at 8 cm, common osteochondrosis, reformative spondylosis of cervical and thoracic spine, pain syndrome; mature senile cataract of the right eye, retinal angiopathy in both eyes; Vegetative-vascular dystonia hypertension type with frequent crises. All the time I was looking for information about new developments in the treatment of joints and degenerative disc disease. A good friend of mine told me about Fohow products. At that moment I moved around my flat, using sticks. After a slightest effort bloodpressure rose to 180 /100. Keenly aware that such a life was no longer possible,  I decided to try the products.
Products: On May 8, 2011 I began to take fruit paste "Rose Fohow." Two months ago, I purchased energy correction corset. Also, Fohow toothpaste.
Results: No changes  in digestive tract were noted, but I became calmer, less irritable, there was warmth in  my toes appeared, joint pain decreased.  I perfectly understand that it takes time to achieve the goal . I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised that in just 3 days after the start of using the belt my thoracic spine was “deblocked". Now I can move around the apartment without a stick . Blood pressure normalized: 108/79 , 114 /80, the body-cleaning started. A desire came to move, to do something useful.
I traditionally use Fohow toothpaste, that is for brushing my teeth but I have a sort of "know- how". I massage my face with the foam after brushing and then wash it off with water. The skin is so grateful for this procedure, that  my friends started asking if I did "botox".

Klimenko R. , age: 51
Problem / disease : When I saw energy shapewear for the first time and got information about its usage and its beneficial properties, I was convinced that, personally I really didn’t have to adjust the figure, that everything was OK about me. But, when I put it on, I was convinced of the opposite: there is no limit to perfection! Since I’d got into a car-crash when I was young, Шэ в been living with the diagnosis of " vegetative-vascular dystonia ."
Products: Energy corrective shapewear, including thermal neck protector.
Result: After two months pain in my back,  that have been bothering me for more than 20 years, has gone; the stretches on my legs and abdomen has disappeared. And, which was the most important for me: before I’ve bought the shapewear I had found a sealing in my breast, the size of a quail egg. That made me to buy the shapewear and  to see a mammologist. Three weeks later, when it was time to visit a doctor, a mammography made showed nothing !
Using only a  thermal neck protector, I got rid of the headaches associated with the change of weather, and then, having purchased energy super-corset and using it , I don’t feel under the weather anymore!

Negoda B., age: 54
Problem / disease: I had several abdominal operations. The muscles of my anterior abdominal wall weakened, and constant wearing of a corset has become a sad necessity. When a corset should be worn constantly, it is important that this thing would not interfere with your life. Fohow Company super-corset is very comfortable and beautiful. It is convenient that corset fastens in front and, that hooks are arranged in three rows, it's black and does not fade .
Products: I wear a full set of bra, corset and panties. Very convenient! I feel very confident. I’m using a thermal kneepad and a neck protector.
Result: Firstly, I bought the shapewear in order to support my abdominal cavity. But now, my back is much better, the pain in it has gone, and even headaches have stopped bothering me. The first time I put energy shapewear, I was thirsty, but I knew that the minerals located in lingerie affect the acupressure points, cleaning the body of toxins. I feel much better now. Externally, my body in shapewear looks nicer, my figure is being corrected.
Thermal kneepad and a neck protector have relieved the pain in my joints. When I’m tired, I just put them on my calves and feet. Within 10-15 minutes all the tiredness goes away. Thank Fohow company for such needful products!

Gogoleva O., age: 47
Problem / illness: I’ve been taking hormonal injections; for the last 4 years I’ve been suffering from pain in my abdomen. I started using products on 7 May 2011. Having joined the company, I paid for a shapewear contract.
Products: Energy shapewear, Fohow sanitary napkins, thermal neck protector.
Result: I’m in good mood, significant (visible) changes in shape, and, what is most important - as a result of using shapewear -  there is no need to take hormonal injections, abdominal pain has gone. I’ve been also using Fohow sanitary pads. They are convenient, comfortable, safe, hygienic. All my family have been using a thermal neck protector to treat some of family troubles: sciatica, colds, pain in various joints, etc. It is very efficient and easy! Thank you very much! I'm happy!

Davydenko M., age: 23
Problem / disease : I’d been suffering for a few years from pain in my back.
Products: my favorite products of this company: a great energy shapewear. I'm ready to sing praises for it!
Result: After five months of using energy shapewear my back pain has gone. I can truly say that this underwear is my "second skin". There are three women in our family, so Fohow sanitary napkins can be found at our place at any time. It is very convenient, comfortable , and, which is more important – there is no irritation, and the test enables you to control your own health.

Davydenko V., age: 17
Products: I’ve been wearing the shapewear for 3 months and I’m ready to wear it day and night! I do not even take it off when going to fitness gym.
Result: I’ve lost 4 kg, have corrected my figure, all who know me noticed these changes immediately.

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