Comments on the application of toothpaste Fohow.

Toothpaste Fohow with the extract of Cordyceps and Ganoderma has a prophylactic antibacterial action: it prevents gum-bleeding and helps to get rid of gum-tumors, bad breath, tooth decay. Floral glycosides + phenol kill harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, clearing it from protozoan parasites, reduce second microbial growth, support healthy dental condition.

Other features: relieves itching and swelling of mosquito bites, using for frostbites or burns helps to prevent scars, effectively helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the throat, cleans sores in mouth. The toothpaste is effective for ringworm of the feet, acne and prickly heat.


Calcium carbonate, sorbitol, water, glycerol, silica, dibasic calcium phosphate, essence, Cordyceps Sinensis extract, Ganoderma, pseudo-ginseng, aloe, etc.

Mode of application:

  1. Children before 6 years should apply the product under adult supervision only. 
  2. External use only! Do not swallow toothpaste after brushing, but spit out the stuff and rinse your mouth. 
  3. Keep away from children.

Standard packaging: 140 g
Storage: Store in a dry, dark, cool place.
Shelf life:
License number: HK16 108-7557.

Production: Do Mei Chemical Co., Ltd..
Manufacturer's Address: Yaihu er Road, Maohay Industry Area, Henglan Town, Chzhunshan City, Guangdong PR, China.

Barzenin F., age: 29
Problem / disease: gums bleeding periodically, quite visible blood clots after brushing. Gave not so much importance to the problem.
Products: Fohow toothpaste.
Result: no hint of bleeding gums!

Student, age: 22
The problem / disease: after another set of exams accompanied with stress and poor lifestyle, some  hideous gray stripes appeared on teeth enamel.
Products: I’ve tried Fohow toothpaste.
Result: guys, it's cool! I used to see the dentist to remove plaque and darkening enamel. After using the toothpaste for a fortnigtht my teeth gained a smooth natural shade. It’so nice to have a beautiful smile!

Yarmosh L., age: 56
The problem / illness: health problems began when I was a kid, after measles vaccination at the age of 6. By the time I got acquainted with the production of Fohow corporation, I could “proudly” show my medical card  with such diagnoses as: multiple spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia of bones and joints ; bilateral coxarthrosis stage IV , mixed contracture of both hip joints, flexion contracture of the elbow and knee joints , s- shaped scoliosis of the spine stage IV, shortening the left lower limb at 8 cm, common osteochondrosis, reformative spondylosis of cervical and thoracic spine, pain syndrome; mature senile cataract of the right eye, retinal angiopathy in both eyes; Vegetative-vascular dystonia hypertension type with frequent crises. All the time I was looking for information about new developments in the treatment of joints and degenerative disc disease. A good friend of mine told me about Fohow products. At that moment I moved around my flat, using sticks. After a slightest effort bloodpressure rose to 180 /100. Keenly aware that such a life was no longer possible,  I decided to try the products.
Products: On May 8, 2011 I began to take fruit paste "Rose Fohow." Two months ago, I purchased energy correction corset. Also, Fohow toothpaste.
Results: No changes  in digestive tract were noted, but I became calmer, less irritable, there was warmth in  my toes appeared, joint pain decreased.  I perfectly understand that it takes time to achieve the goal . I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised that in just 3 days after the start of using the belt my thoracic spine was “deblocked". Now I can move around the apartment without a stick . Blood pressure normalized: 108/79 , 114 /80, the body-cleaning started. A desire came to move, to do something useful.
I traditionally use Fohow toothpaste, that is for brushing my teeth but I have a sort of "know- how". I massage my face with the foam after brushing and then wash it off with water. The skin is so grateful for this procedure, that  my friends started asking if I did "botox".
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