Алексей Жариков

Alexei Zharikov , a 3 carats "Brilliant" of  FOHOW

The prospects. From a novice to the Ambassador.

I’ve joined FOHOW company not by chance. My father had been making this business for 5 years earlier and reached the highest rank: a 3 carats "Brilliant". Our family began to use the products of this company, and it gave tangible results: our health significantly improved, as well as mood and activity. We believed in the fact that for a man, nothing is impossible and started helping our father in the business. Looking at us, our relatives and friends also wanted to make better lives. As a result, many of them got rid of serious health problems. Our every day lives has changed for the better.

Success requires self-confidence, determination, desire to develop. FOHOW company provides everything for a successful start: a friendly team, experienced leaders who come to help in difficult situations. I read a lot, attend trainings, discovering new outlook on life and business. On my own experience, I’m convinced that FOHOW is a very noble and honest company. Suffice it to say, that, when trouble came to our family - my father died -  we were given the full support from the company and its partners. The business, established by my father, the company passed to us by inheritance.

Your income depends on you only. Your activeness, your wish to develop, your openness to everything new and being friendly are absolutely crucial. It is also important that, besides the money, you get the moral satisfaction from the results of your work: people improving their health, increasing their vitality. This feeling of being wanted is a powerful motive for further work.

There are people among my friends who have come from a beginner to very high ranks. Progressing person in the process goes through the ranks: "Emerald" - "Sapphire" - "Diamond" - "Brilliant" 3, 5, 7 carats - "Ambassador".  He becomes a strong and confident person who is not afraid of obstacles and gets everything to be happy. For example, he gets free travel, luxury housing, a car - if he completes successfully the reward plan.

By the way, here is quite an amazing story. One of my partners, age 73, has become a 5 carats "diamond", beating many younger. In this venerable age, she leads an active life, she is cheerful and optimistic, to the envy of younger people. This is a bright example of what a person can always change your life for the better.

My next goal is to reach the level of  a 5 carats «Brilliant» and travel around the world. I am convinced that for a man, nothing is impossible. You just have to work hard, have self-belief, make progress and help your partners!