Валентина Козлова

Valentina Kozlova, a 5-carat Diamond in FOHOW company

Answers to frequently asked questions.

I love Fohow products. They helped me to become healthy and wealthy. Due to the company, me and my daughters and my grandchildren have an accommodation and everything one needs for a normal life. We have the opportunity to relax with the whole family in popular resorts. Six times I was in China by promotion of the company. In 2013, I reached "5 Carat Diamond", my prospects are to become an Ambassador. I strictly  believe: it is necessary to take the opportunities that the Fohow company gives us:  the one to be healthy and wealthy, and have a lot of friends.

At meetings I’m often asked just the same questions:

Where should I find people?

Look around: a lot of people next to you want to be healthy. Sometimes I look at the high-rise buildings and think how many sick, bedridden and dying people are behind these windows, people who do not know about our amazing products! Therefore, we share information, tell people about the company, products, and learn how to invite people without making any decision instead of them: that one looks too rich, that one’s too poor, this one’s young, that one’s old. Give information to everyone you see and you will find people for your team.

What if the people I find, won’t follow me?

What should I say in such cases? Be healthy with our products and you can honestly talk about it, to offer it to other people. Only then you will be followed. Do not think about others, answer the question: do you need it? If I had had a deep and long thought the moment I was offered a business in MLM, if I had thought about other people’s opinion, whether I’d been able to convince them, I'm afraid that I would simply not exist by now.

People’ve got no money, how are they supposed to buy the company's product?

People have got no money? Look out the window: the expensive cars on roads, shops and markets are full of food, and people go out with full bags. People do have money, but it’s you, who must be sure of what you’re doing and fully trust the company. Think more about yourself, your health, your income and less about people’s opinion. We explain to people that the most important thing in our lives is health, not fur coats, cars, jewelry. That's what is worth talking about.

The strategy "direct questions" works very well the. Just ask bluntly: "Do you want to be healthy? Are you looking for ways to be healthy?" Or: "Do you want to make money? Are you looking for ways to earn them?" If a man says:" Yes, I want to find a way to good health, I 've tried everything , I'm tired of my illnesses, I want to be healthy." Or "Yes, I want to be a wealthy man, I'm looking for ways to make money," – these people are yours, go on dealing with them. If a person says: “Who can cure all diseases!” or “I'm not sure ...” - say goodbye to them immediately, do not waste your time.

Some more common questions:

- Is this an MLM? Do I have to sell something?
I answer the question: "What is network marketing?", thus taking the initiative. The interlocutor thinks: “Well, they say, it’s something strange, one needs wander with large bags, selling something”. Then, I clearly say, "There's nothing to sell. The essence of the business is not selling products. We give information about the product and the company, the company promotes the product, and we get dividends from the process."

- Are these any dietary supplements?
Instead of response, I come up with a question: "What is a dietary supplement?" I know that many people are scared of DS without knowing what it really is. And, when I see that people do not understand what it is, I start to talk about our products, about their effectiveness. Call it DS, food additive, tincture of herbs - it helps, that’s it. And people tend to agree with me.

- Do you personally use your products?
Our company is one of the few in the corporate world which primarily care about the health of its employees. The only condition of contract is to buy products for yourself and use it to improve your health. Of course, I use the products and get excellent results in health. Products enjoy my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren - and it all helps to keep and maintain health.

- Do I have to use the products constantly?
No, I say, you don’t. But, only in case, that, after a course of Fohow products you’ll settle down in the mountains, will walk through alpine meadows, breathe clean air and eat fresh vegetables from the garden and alpine milk of animals who do not know about civilization. That's when you no longer need our products. But, while you’re affect by our environment, stress, food, stuffed with chemistry, it is necessary to use the products constantly.

- Is this from China? What if it’s of poor quality?
We all can see in markets cheap and not very reliable products from China. But in China, as in any country, there are high-quality products, and consumer goods as well. The Chinese are not to blame, that Russian businessmen buy Chinese products of  the lowest quality at bargain prices, and sell it here as normal goods . Older people remember the high quality Chinese jersey, thermos bottles, towels, etc...  A wonderful tradition of tea drinking came to us from China, and traditions of Eastern medicine also came from China in present days. In conclusion, I wear a robe of blue silk, which I was given when visiting company’s enterprises and show a videodisc about how ​​our products are made.

- What do I need to do to get the same as you?
To reach success:
Feel what you want.
Strongly want to realize what you want.
Be 100% confident in our company and its capabilities.
If you have a burning desire – just go and do it! People, smart and beautiful, will stick to you. Be a magnet for others!