Hello, dear visitors!
My name is Olga Kermas. I am a top leader of Fohow.
And I want you to meet our team.

Our team is called GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW. We are pleased to welcome you to our site grandalmaz.com! All of us are the members of a large and happy family of FOHOW.  Together with the company, we have achieved the success that grows stronger and develops over years! We want to share with you our knowledge, achievements, and experience so that more people next to us get healthy, successful and rich!

The products of our company are the recipes of traditional Oriental medicine. With these medications Tibetan monks treat people successfully for over 5,000 years! FOHOW company introduces you to the system of Oriental medicine, helps you to get rid of a sickness, and you can even achieve health and wellness with a friendly team GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW!

By the end of 2013 the team GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW has 4 "Brilliants", 20 "Diamonds", a 30 "Sapphires" and 200 "Emeralds." We opened more than 25 offices in many cities and regions of Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia.

There are no supermen among us, but, thanks to a combination of abilities and efforts of different people, we can cope with many serious problems. You can learn more abot our way to success from our stories.

Come and join our team! Be healthy and successful with us!
Our motto is "In our unity - our success!"


In network marketing we distinguish two concepts: of "structure" and "team." These are not the same. "Structure" implies partners, closed at one informational sponsor. While the "team" is a group of people united by something.

The goal of our team is to contribute to the development of our partners, to expand the geography of the business. We want to be closer, despite the distances that divide us. Although the geographical expansion of the structure, as well as its growth is irreversible, we want to feel the support of each other, we want to feel our unity. And it's possible!

The team of GRAND ALMAZ FOHOW reduces the distance and increases the energy of each member of the team!

A good incitement for the team members is the challenge of being on each anniversary of the new company in a new rank. Meeting every year on the team celebration, we share new stories of success. Move forward, set new goals - that is what communication in the team for!

With the team we create a support system for the structure - just to be confident in the stability of our work. We learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities and to communicate with each other.

With the team we create a system of duplication, which is the basis of the network business. The team promotes the growth and development for each participant, as well as the emergence of new leaders.

With the team is much faster and easier to make an important decision, to introduce new methods and new tools, which generally accelerates our progress and growth.