Comments on application of elixir “Three Treasures Fohow”

Elixir "Three Treasures Fohow": the shine of fate

Elixir "Three Treasures "  is the most prominent bioimmune-regulating drug in China , established in the Research Institute of the "Fohow" corporation.  The drug is based on the elixir "Phoenix" with the addition of mountain ants extract, the newest raw material in food industry. The concentration of Cordyceps in "Three Treasures Fohow" reaches 80%. It is higher than in elixir "Phoenix" . "Three Treasures Fohow" has a more pronounced expectorant effect, it reduces bronchial obstruction and improves blood circulation in the respiratory tract and pelvic organ function. It normalizes the urogenital system , regulates the amount of cholesterol in blood. The usage of "Three Treasures" is just the same as of "Phoenix", but differs from it in a more pronounced effect on hepatitis B and C , potency disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus.

Health effect:

1. Removing rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis – course 1-2 months

Currently, most scientists agree that rheumatic diseases are autoimmune and caused by the disorders of the immune system. As clinical experience shows, the preparation made of ants is able to regulate immune function and also has no side functions like other immune drugs.

Some researchers have found an incredibly low level of zinc in the blood of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, we can conclude that, apparently, the lack of zinc may be caused by disease. Therefore, one of the most important methods of treatment is to restore the level of zinc. However, the most rich in zinc today’s product is ants.

2. Curative effect on hepatitis B - course 1-2 months

Studies have shown that hepatitis B refers to a chronic failure diseases, mainly of liver and kidney. It is considered that due to the sharp reduction in the functional capacity of the immune system the body can not remove the virus of hepatitis B.

Modern medicine studies proved, with the help of pharmacological analysis, that the drug made from ants has a fairly broad pharmacological effect: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-asthmatic, liver- protecting, etc. Experiments on white mice proved that the product is able to normalize the function of immune system.

In Chinese medicine, mountain ants extract acts as a "helper" aimed at eliminating "moisture syndrome", removing stagnant deposits, regulating body energy, protecting the liver, recovering functions of a spleen, keeping stomach healthy, etc. It quickly helps patients to recover health, clean out viruses and restore damaged liver cells.

3. Unique effect on diabetes - course 1-2 months

Diabetes also relates to a chronic failure diseases. Due to kidney failure decrease of immune system functionality and endocrine imbalance occur, which is generally the cause of disease. Mountain ants contain micronutrients extremely essential for human, as well as amino acids and vitamins, helping to strengthen the immune function, regulate the endocrine system, stabilize sugar metabolism and increase the activity of insulin. After taking the drug, containing mountain ants, general constitution of the body restores, a therapeutic effect becomes possible: blood and urine sugar rehabilitation is more than 80%! The symptoms, like frequent drinking, frequent meals, frequent urination, fatigue, impotence, frequent sweating, frequent palpitations, etc., gradually decrease to extinction. The product is not addictive and has no side effects.

4. Regular intake stimulates the growth of the thymus gland

Strengthened immunity and resistance of the human body, active development of spleen, thymus and other organs of immune system – these are the signs of a young healthy body. Scientists have discovered that aging is the result of a gradual reduction of the functional abilities of human immunity. Thymus is a kind of "a longevity awakener" of the human body, due to its close link to the duration of the body existence. Function of the thymus is to produce and activate the maturation of T-lymphocytes. And the more active are T-lymphocytes, the stronger is immunity. That means that you can not get sick, and if you’re sick, it is much less, than usual.  When infecting viral diseases, the treatment and recovery is much faster, which means you can live longer! The fact that a thymus gland begins to atrophy gradually from the age of twelve, and, up to 60 years the atrophy comes to a meager size, a thymus gland becomes almost invisible to the naked eye.

5. Eliminating the serious effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy - course 1-2 months

Chemotherapy is a type of treatment using chemicals to kill tumor cells and to slow growth and division of cancer cells. A large dose of radiation disrupts or destroys cancer cells, but, at the same time, brings harm to normal cells, providing a side effect. Especially great harm it causes The immune function suffers most of all, lowering the body's resistance to other diseases . The features appear, like a sunken face, aging skin, loss of appetite, hair loss, lethargy, insomnia, etc.

Elixir "3 treasures Phoenix "  plays a crucial role in immunity boosting, it reduces side effects caused by chemotherapy.

6. Restoring the function of kidneys, strengthening  kidney Yang -  course up to 1 month

Kidneys in TCM are considered the foundation of health, handed down to us by our parents. Kidneys are responsible for genital function, kidneys store seed, which is responsible for producing the substance of bone marrow, which, in turn, fills the body with energy.

Elixir "Three Treasures Fohow" affects the kidneys, has a good restoring effect on "kidney emptiness" and low seed production, male infertility, rapid fatigue, tinnitus, ripples in the eyes, impotence, etc.

Elixir "Three Treasures Fohow" has a regulatory and regenerating effect. In ancient times, they would say: "Heaven has three treasures: the sun, moon and stars, a man has three treasures: body, soul and spirit." Elixir "Three Treasures Fohow" performs  the function of refilling body, soul and spirit.

Indications for use:

For people suffering from rheumatism, rheumatoid diseases, patients and carriers of hepatitis B, diabetics, cancer patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, people with poor health and often-ill people.

     Chinese Cordyceps
     Himalayan honey
     Mountain ants

No side effects with prolonged use, causes no adverse reactions.

Usage: morning and evening, for 30 days: a prophylactic course. You can change the dose individually.

Prophylactic taking:

The dosage and courses for elixir "Three Treasures Fohow" are the same as for Elixir "Phoenix". Children are usually prescribed with Elixir "Phoenix" for preventive purpose.

Adult dosage:

The minimum therapeutic dose of elixirs "Phoenix" and "Three Treasures Fohow" is 5 ml per day. If necessary, the dose of medication can be raised up to 2 bottles (60 ml) per day (for significant dosages two takings a day (in the morning and in the evening) are desirable. It should be noted that the doses should be increased gradually to avoid possible exacerbations of chronic diseases on the background of taking the traditional drugs.


  1. Adults  with respiratory diseases with noted obstruction in the bronchi (asthmatic component) gradually increase the amount  by 1 ml daily (starting with 2 ml) to determine the optimal dose (dyspnea, increased sputum amount). This daily amount of the drug is taken for several weeks to reach a stable clinical effect.
  2. Teenagers take elixir "3 treasures Fohow" with caution due to the action of the drug on blood circulation in the urogenital system.
  3. For oncological and hematological diseases it is advisable to constantly take the liquid form of Cordyceps-containing medicines (Elixir "Phoenix" and the elixir "3 Treasures Fohow"), either alternating or taking simultaneously. For endocrine, urogenital or brain oncology,  "Linchzhi capsules" could be added.

The duration of health courses

  • rheumatoid arthritis and other types of inflammation of the joints: several months.
  • hepatitis B and C:  from a few weeks to months;
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus and the prevention of complications in diabetes type 1: from several weeks to two months;
  • respiratory diseases : bronchitis, especially chronic, pneumonia, emphysema, bronchial asthma: from two to six weeks. For pulmonary tuberculosis longer courses advised;
  • ENT diseases: rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis: instill a few drops of the drug into the nose or ear twice a day until symptoms disappear;
  • diseases of the urogenital system, especially for men with prostate adenoma and hypertrophy, reduced potency, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, and for women with menstrual disorders, pain in the pelvic area: from two to four weeks;
  • precancer and cancer, especially during the course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy:  continued treatment after the course of elixir "Phoenix",1-2 packs;
  • excess of lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides in blood: for several weeks to improve the results of laboratory tests;
  • many other chronic diseases, when taking of elixir "Phoenix" is desirable: from 2 to 4 weeks. In some cases, a longer-term therapy is advised.

Standard packing: carton box with  4 bottles of 30 ml.
Storage: open bottle in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 18 months.
Production: Zhuhai, Yupintan Company, Ltd. in health food production.
Production location: 245 Lunsya st., Doumen,  Zhuhai City, Guangdong,  China.
Comments on application of elixir “Three Treasures Fohow”:
Ibragimova Madina, MD

The problem / disease: a young man with chronic renal failure came. A day later he was on hemodialysis, with blue lips, short of breath, swelling.

Products: Elixir "Three Treasures Fohow", "Liuwei" tea, Xueqingfu capsules.

Result: in a week  about 10 grams of his own urine came out, swelling gone in a month, creatinine decreased twice,  the amount of urine increased to 100-200 ml.


A lady, age: 54
The problem / illness : I have been suffering from periodontal disease for over 8 years. I used to see my dentist every three months, to treat periodontal pockets by a special technique. The doctor was in the U.S., and the first procedure cost me $ 200 , the next  - $ 100 .
Products: beginning to  take elixir "Three Treasures Fohow" and smeared my gums with paste "Rose Fohow"
The result : on the 8th day a fistula opened in the upper jaw and a blackened piece of bone came out. After this, my condition has improved significantly. An exausting pain stopped, my complexion got better, as well as the mood , activity increased, life got new colors!

Igor Ilyin, age: 52, Khabarovsk
Problem / disease: during the year there were problems with my knees.
Products: a regular use of  Thermal Kneepad, along with calcium and elixir "Three Treasures".
Result: pain stopped within a month.

Panova Z., age: 59
The problem / disease : I was just a " bunch of diseases ": varicose veins , high blood pressure
(170/100 almost every day) , take away leg , and, finally, type 2 diabetes (sugar 14-16) .
Products : Xueqingfu capsules, Elixir "Phoenix", elixir " Three Treasures Fohow", Gaosen nutritional tablets, Liuwei tea, a thermal waist protector.
Result : sugar lowered to 6-7 units , bloodpressure returned to normal. Now, even when exercise the bloodpressure is 125/82 . Visible veins and knots disappeared, my legs function perfectly, there is no pain. I continue taking the products with great pleasure!

Sagaidak M., age: 58
The problem / illness : my husband is 61. Eighteen months ago, he was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome with a very bad blood test. Hemoglobin - 67, erythrocytes - 2,4 ,I just have no wish to go on….  We gave up all of drugs because they seem to make him feel worse.
Products: In December 2010 my husband started taking elixir "The Three Treasures Fohow": 4 ml in the morning and in the evening, along with "Linchzhi " capsules: 1 capsule in the morning and in the evening.
The result: in March 2011 he passed the tests again. We have seen tremendous results: hemoglobin - 123; erythrocytes - 3.6, color index - 0.98, lymphocytes - 3.6 . Swelling has gone, the overall condition has improved and  efficiency increased. We took a little break from the month of July and began to take the drug again to secure our success.

A. Laptev, age: 70, Krasnoyarsk
The problem / disease: When I was 68, a cancerous tumor in my throat was found. I went through the standard course of treatment in the hospital, anвI was sure to be operated. I lost my voice, my general condition and mood were bad.
Products: Elixir "The Three Treasures Fohow" 5 ml twice a day, “Liuwei” tea. Now I’m taking elixir "Phoenix" alternating with "The Three Treasures Fohow", 2 ml twice a day.
Result: After 2 weeks I got back my voice and felt better. By now, I got back to my work.

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