Comments on application of Sanqing oral liquid.

Elixir “Sanqing Fohow” is a natural product, restoring health nutrition. It is produced from natural herbal ingredients, with the help of the latest technologies. That is why active components of raw materials are completely preserved in the final product and easily absorbed by the body.

“Sanqing Fohow” is recommended for patients, suffering from constipation, gastritis, enteritis, people with hyperlipemia in various symptoms caused by the disease, people with acne, rashes, dark spots, those with mood swings, and for the individuals with halitosis.

Elixir "Sanqing" is a unique recipe by the experts of Fohow, ancient knowledge and modern technology. The elixir cleans the intestine, removes toxins out of the body, cleans the blood from the excess of lipids. The combination of oligosaccharides and aloe gel-curacao cleanses the intestine most effectively.

Why do we have to clean the digestive tract? Human intestine is approximately 5.6 meters long and folded every 3.5 cm which accumulates up to 3 pounds of food debris. These residues begin to ferment, putrefy, rot and get solid. This leads to formation of toxic fetid substances (stagnant cal). If this rotting and decaying matter does not excrete, the intestine continues to suck them into blood.


  1. Aloe vera gel
  2. Oligosaccharides
  3. Extract of ginkgo biloba leaves
  4. Black jelly fungus
  5. Herba Abri
  6. Chrysanthemum
  7. Extract of Cordyceps Sinensis
  8. Chitosan

Way of application and dosage: 2 bottles daily, not less than 15 days for a course, a three-day break between courses, for children a half of the adult dose is enough.

A. Budnik, age: 43
The problem / illness: my grandson is 2 years and 2 months old. He has a disability for congenital "atopic dermatitis", resistant form, is not amenable to conventional treatment. We had used quite a lot of medications, but nothing helped.
Product: in July, 2011, I got acquainted with Fohow company, began using homeopathy in along with the company's products: "Linchzhi" capsules (1 per day), elixir "Sanqing" and the elixir “Phoenix” (to 2 ml per day), as well as pasta "Rose". Within two weeks, there was a strong aggravation, abundant rash all over the body, itching, the temperature rose to 38.4, and diarrhea.
Result: By the third week an improvement had come. The skin turned white, the rash gone, and after 4 weeks, we got the result. Skin has got clear! The child enjoys a good sleep and mood.

Malysh G., age: 62
The problem / illness: I came to the company for health, as there were big problems with my legs: blood vessels just burst, and I constantly had a fever. I was diagnosed with An acute ascending superficial thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs. I was treated in the department of vascular surgery, where I had a course of air massage – “surround pneumopressing” № 10. But there was no result.
Products: Elixir “Phoenix”, Linchzhi capsules, Elixir "Sanqing", Gaosen tablets, Xueqingfu.
Result: bloodpressure normalized, hands and feet are warm, my intestine works normally, the pain in my heart and liver stopped. The general condition improved, and the condition of the feet has improved remarkably. Visible vessel net has gone, the veins have hidden, the pain in legs and hips has stopped. But I continue to drink products: a course of 3 weeks, then a break.

Pasenin S., age: 31
The problem / illness: I had problems with my skin: rather large pustules on my back, I suffered from repeated headaches. I knew it was the toxins in the body, that is, slags, but I had no idea what to do with it.
Products: two months cleansing course: Elixir "Sanqing",  Xueqingfu capsules and Gaosen tablets.
Result: after 2 weeks an aggravation came - spots were all over my body and even on my face, the headaches wouldn’t  stop. I drank a lot of water and "Liuwei" tea. After another 2 weeks pustules began to gradually disappear. I still go on with the course of treatment. Headaches happen quite rarely.

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