Xueqingfu capsules prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, increase vitality. The drug contains nattokinase, an extract of grape seed and Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract. Use of the drug promotes efficient resorption of blood clots, cleanses the blood of toxins, maintains normal function of capillaries.


Nattokinase, grape seed extract, Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract, gelatin.

Main components:


Grape seed extract

Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract

The main effect of Xueqingfu capsules:

-improving the delivery of oxygen to the tissues;
-increasing the bioavailability of various nutrients;
-supporting the vision;
-increasing bone density;
-reducing pain in ill joints
-reducing pain in joints and muscles during intense physical exertion;
-reducing the viscosity of the lymph, improve drainage function and cleansing the body of toxins;
Destroying fibrin plaque covering cancer cells, allowing the killer cells to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Indications for use:

-High cholesterol level in blood.
-Coronary heart disease, stroke or heart attack.
- Diabetes.
-Reduced memory or intelligence, especially with aged people, developing most likely because of cerebral thrombosis.
-Muscle fatigue or pain in the legs after walking.
-Frequent numbness or tingling in the hands and feet.
-Slow healed cuts or sores on feet.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules, 2 times a day taken with warm water.
Please note that a dose should be gradually increased from the first week, taking one capsule a day, and if necessary, increase the dose adding weekly one capsule.
Be careful taking blood-diluting medications (aspirin, etc.) at the same time.
Standard packaging: 120 capsules of 250 mg.
Storage: keep the container tightly closed in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 24 months.
Production: Zhuhai, Yupintan Company, Ltd. in health food production.
Production location: 245 Lunsya st., Doumen,  Zhuhai City, Guangdong,  China.

Pasenin S., age: 31
The problem / illness: I had problems with my skin: rather large pustules on my back, I suffered from repeated headaches. I knew it was the toxins in the body, that is, slags, but I had no idea what to do with it.
Products: two months cleansing course: Elixir "Sanqing",  Xueqingfu capsules and Gaosen tablets.
Result: after 2 weeks an aggravation came - spots were all over my body and even on my face, the headaches wouldn’t  stop. I drank a lot of water and "Liuwei" tea. After another 2 weeks pustules began to gradually disappear. I still go on with the course of treatment. Headaches happen quite rare....

Ibragimova Madina, MD
The problem / disease: a young man with chronic renal failure came. A day later he was on hemodialysis, with blue lips, short of breath, swelling.
Products: Elixir "Three Treasures Fohow", "Liuwei" tea, Xueqingfu capsules.
Result: in a week  about 10 grams of his own urine came out, swelling gone in a month, creatinine decreased twice,  the amount of urine increased to 100-200 ml.

Cherezova Olga, age: 38, Vladivostok
The problem / disease: For quite a long  time I was taking pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of herniated disc, back pain and vascular abnormalities (narrowing of the vertebral artery in the neck), but the result was not positive!
Products: Linchzhi capsules, Xueqingfu capsules, Elixir "Phoenix" and a thermal waist protector.
Result: Condition has improved a lot within five months: back pain disappeared and sleep became normal. It’s harder with blood vessels, but the result is yet to come!

Blotskii Vasily , age: 53, Khabarovsk
The problem / illness: I had a serious work accident : fell from a scaffold and injured my spine. Additionally doctors diagnosed "gangrene" and the chances of life were a few .
Product: But I survived and now I work and  easily endure exercise only due to the powerful elixir "Phoenix", Linchzhi capsules, Xueqingfu, "Liuwei" tea,  a thermal waist protector and calcium "Haytsao Gai".
The result: a fully restored structure of the blood and the calcium in the body. But the overall life happiness felt only after I had returned male power , even tougher than when I was young (!) , and the bald spot on my head covered with hair. What else a man need? Hearty thanks to the "Fohow" company for its noble mission !

Adamowic L. , age: 54
The problem / disease: disturbed periodic joint pain. And often a headache , unstable blood pressure , varicose worried grid on my feet.
Products: I got aquainted with Fohow company in April, 2011 . After I had listened to a presentation, I was very interested in production and soon began taking Xueqingfu capsules, " Linchzhi and “Phoenix” Elixir.
Result: I was pleasantly surprised by the results: the headache had gone , the pressure had returned to normal , varicose net had decreased, my skin had brightened , and the heaviness in the legs had gone.
My  husband also takes Xueqingfu capsules and he noted the improvement of health: higher mood, stabilized blood pressure, more energy in general. We are grateful for such a high-quality and health-restoring items !

Ryabtseva T. , neurologist
The problem / disease: ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.
Products: Linchzhi  capsules, Elixir "Phoenix ", Xueqingfu capsules.
The problem / disease: patient , age 74. Relatives found her at 7 am lying on the floor, almost unconscious. The woman could hardly understand others, spoke indistinctly , the left half of her body and limbs were shackled , voluntary movements were absent. Her face was asymmetrical, the left corner of her mouth dropped.
Products: elixir "Phoenix ", Xueqingfu and Linchzhi capsules were prescribed
The result: In 1.5 months the woman was able to go shopping.

An old lady, age 70
The problem / disease:  I had suffered two heart attacks, the scars on my heart were clearly seen at an ECG.
Products: Xueqingfu capsules.
Result: after six months I made ​​a new cardiogram. The heart was normal, with no scars. What’s more, at the place of the scar healthy cells has grown up!

Voichenko Lubov, age: 62, Artem
The problem / disease: varicose veins.
Products: Xueqingfu capsules , Linchzhi, calcium "Haytsao Gai", elixir "Phoenix."
Result: Varicose veins, which I had  been suffering from for 32 finally disappeared! Superficial capillaries has gone, the leg veins are still slightly visible, but the nodes have gone, there is no swelling. Blood pressure has normalized. Some of very disturbing lipomas have resolved,  I feel great!

Sadova N., age: 52
The problem / disease: cardiac disrythmia and tachycardia.
Products: I took capsules Xueqingfu capsules 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.
Result: I felt the effect in a week of taking capsules. Heartbeat returned to normal, the heart works like a watch, quietly and rhythmically, pulse - 62 bpm (it was 90-95). I breathe easily with no effort. I’m very happy with the preparation and take it with pleasure.

Dolgova  I., age: 78
The problem / illness: A stressful situation happened with me, and my heart remembered me about it. There were also some cases of angina. In the spring of 2011 I went to the hospital and took a full course of treatment. Discharged barely alive, and felt even worse. Spent too much, and heart attacks occurred more and more often. Stayed in, mostly in bed.
Product: in June, 2011 I foun out about Fohow corporation products and on the recommendation of doctors started taking "Elixir Phoenix", Xueqingfu capsules, tea Liuwei and “Rose Oligose” paste.
Result: I felt much better and  slowly began to leave the house and even work in the garden. The heart is at ease, no need to see the doctor. I’m in a good mood again, enjoying my life.

Malysh G., age: 62
The problem / illness: I came to the company for health, as there were big problems with my legs: blood vessels just burst, and I constantly had a fever. I was diagnosed with An acute ascending superficial thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs. I was treated in the department of vascular surgery, where I had a course of air massage – “surround pneumopressing” № 10. But there was no result.
Products: Elixir “Phoenix”, Linchzhi capsules, Elixir "Sanqing", Gaosen tablets, Xueqingfu.
Result: bloodpressure normalized, hands and feet are warm, my intestine works normally, the pain in my heart and liver stopped. The general condition improved, and the condition of the feet has improved remarkably. Visible vessel net has gone, the veins have hidden, the pain in legs and hips has stopped. But I continue to drink products: a course of 3 weeks, then a break.

Panova Z., age: 59
The problem / disease: I was just a " bunch of diseases ": varicose veins , high blood pressure
(170/100 almost every day) , take away leg , and, finally, type 2 diabetes (sugar 14-16) .
Products: Xueqingfu capsules, Elixir "Phoenix", elixir " Three Treasures Fohow", Gaosen nutritional tablets, Liuwei tea, a thermal waist protector.
Result: sugar lowered to 6-7 units , bloodpressure returned to normal. Now, even when exercise the bloodpressure is 125/82 . Visible veins and knots disappeared, my legs function perfectly, there is no pain. I continue taking the products with great pleasure!

Gogoleva O., age: 47
The problem / disease: sudden pressure changes.
Products: From July, 2011 until now taking Xueqingfu capsules regularly.
Result: the problem of "galloping" pressure is solved!

Mihneva G., age:57
The problem / disease: a set of heart problems (blood pressure, pulse, swollen legs), headaches, and pain in the spine.
Products: Xueqingfu capsules, corrective underwear.
The result: a week after starting a course of  Xueqingfu capsules the heart rate normalized, palpitations went, as well as headaches and dizziness, blood pressure stabilized. Thanks to the production of "Fohow" my kidneys has become more active,  excess fluid derived from the body, no leg swelling. Three weeks of wearing corrective underwear took me away from the pain in my spine!

Barzenin F., 29 years old
The problem / disease: due to the reduced pressure an effect of "cold" hands and feet used to happen.
Products: Constantly wearing a thermal waist protector. I also took a coorse of  Xueqingfu.
The result: products reduce stress, improve sleep. The problem has gone!

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