Лидия Ивановна КвасниковаLidia Kvasnikova, A Diamond of Fohow Company, Orsk

I’ve been working for Fohow Company for about three years. Though, I am a design engineer. I had spent many years in the profession, then I retired and began looking for an opportunity to improve my financial situation. So, I joined Fohow Company. And today, I want to tell all visitors about the opportunities that Fohow Company gives us.

1. For me, as for all company’s partners, FOHOW is the confidence in the future. It was here that I became financially free, my income for 2012 increased by 2 times compared to 2011. Recently I saw in the store beautiful functional watch. I thought: "Wow, it's just a mobile phone on hand!" I liked it very much, and I did not even ask how much they cost for I am able to buy what I like! It's an amazing feeling when you do not have to think about where to get money to feed you and your family. Quite a lot of MLM companies are there in the market but, I think, ours is an exceptional, because the goal of Fohow company is to make each of us healthy and successful.
2. Fohow Company gives you the opportunity to use its products for excellent health. Thanks to it, I feel healthy, active and full of energy in my 60-plus years. It is also very important!
3. The Company gave me the opportunity to live a good life. I’m rather an aged person, but I go on being active, travel a lot, communicate with people, build a business, get acquainted with different people, expanding my social circle, develop my personality. I like this way of living! It is no secret that life after retirement becomes monotonous: the house, the bench at the entrance, a rare meeting with children and grandchildren seems to be a holiday. Thanks to the Company, I’m living rich and colorful life!
4. Due to the company I saw the world, actually. I visited China and other countries. In 2013, I wanted to go to Greece, and I thought "Why not?" The company gives me a wonderful opportunity to fulfill my dreams. I can take my relatives on a trip, to help them pay for it, I can not stay in my "swamp", but explore the world!
5. Due to the company, I realized that positive attitude to everything goes a long way in our lives. Positive attitude makes you successful and rich, negative attitude makes you sick and poor. Together with my team, I learned to see only good things around. When I watch TV, interact with people, I select only positive news in the stream. I would say that Fohow company gave me the opportunity to enjoy my life!

If you, just like me, want to improve your health and finances, to enjoy your life – then, join us in Fohow! To live a better life is much easier than you may think!

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